Voyager Episode Information
Season 6
Episode Number 18
Title Ashes to Ashes
Abhijeet's Rating

(out of 5)

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A crew member from Voyager who died a few years ago makes an unexpected return to the ship, though she looks somewhat different from the last time she was there. Her dead body was recovered by an alien race who are made up entirely of re-animated dead bodies(!). Harry Kim has been in love with her for years and given a second chance, he doesn't waste any time. But is this new version of the woman he loves really ready to be human again?

A secondary plot involves the children that were recovered from the damaged Borg cube in Collective and Seven's attempt to be a parent to them. She tries to run their life like they are still in a Borg collective, but children will be children.

ST-VOY Ashes to Ashes