TNG Episode Information
Season 3
Episode Number 6
Title Booby Trap
Abhijeet's Rating

(out of 5)

The Enterprise is stuck in a thousand year old trap that is draining it's power. Geordi is tasked with finding a way out of the trap and he tries with the help of a hologram based on the original designer of the ship who is predictably a pretty woman. So far, the usual.

The point at which the story goes of the rails, and really shows it's age, is when Geordi insists that human 'intuition' is faster than a computer that can make 'only' 1000 course corrections a second. For one, this isn't true and even cars and airplanes today use massively sophisticated autopilot systems. In addition, only 1000 adjustments a second? What kind of outdated computers do they have in the future? I guess all this made sense in the late 80s but the computer stuff is already waaaay off in 2010s.

StarTrek Booby Trap