Star Trek: Voyager is different from almost every other Star Trek TV series (Enterprise shares some similarities in the third season), in that it's not simply discrete episodes. Voyager chronicles the journey of a starship that is stranded in the Delta Quadrant of our galaxy, all the way home to the Alpha Quadrant, back to Earth and the Federation. So, in a sense, it's actually just one long story arc over the seven seasons. Personally, I found that it gave the series a very fresh feel when it first aired. Regardless of the fact that it's one story, there are many, many episodes that don't deal with the overarching story line. Combined with the fact that there are mediocre episodes sprinkled all over the series, it doesn't make sense to watch each and every episode.

My viewing list is all the episodes that I've either rated highly (4 or 5 stars) or episodes that are important in the overall context of the series. By just watching them, you will be able to follow the journey of Voyager's crew without really missing anything and avoiding most of the garbage along the way.

Each season specific category page has a list of episodes and each episode in the viewing list has been given a serial number. Happy watching!


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