Episode Information
Season 2
Episode Number 10
Title Cold Fire
Abhijeet's Rating

(out of 5)

* * * *

Season 2 of Voyager saw a definite drop in the quality of the writing from the first season of the show. In this episode, we finally get a story that matches the quality of writing we were previously used to on the show. Voyager encounters the mate of the 'Caretaker', the being responsible for bringing the Voyager to the Delta Quadrant and stranding them there at the beginning of the series. There is hope that Voyager might be able to return home with the being's help. The being has companions in the form of the Ocampa, the same race as Kes. One of the Ocampa offers to teach Kes to use her burgeoning telepathic and telekinetic abilities. But all is not what it seems, and soon the crew find themselves in mortal danger.

There is tension and drama, for the first time in this season, and a couple of genuinely chilling moments along the way. While Kes takes centre-stage, this is a good ensemble episode. ST-VOY Cold Fire