Episode Information
Season 4
Episode Number 3
Title Day of Honor
Abhijeet's Rating

(out of 5)

* * * *

On the first day that Seven is assigned duties in engineering, an accident forces Voyager to eject their warp core. B'Elanna and Tom Paris are dispatched in a shuttle craft to retrieve the core while Voyager makes repairs. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as it turns out) another accident destroys the shuttle and leaves them stranded in space with only their suits for protection. While they wait and hope for a rescue by Voyager, their peril brings up emotions that both have been reluctant to confront so far. Meanwhile on Voyager, suspicion falls on Seven as the instigator of the incident and she has to defend herself even as she continue to come to terms with her humanity. Another pivotal episode for the series and continuing a fine run in the fourth season.

ST-VOY Day of Honor