Episode Information
Season 5
Episode Number 2
Title Drone
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(out of 5)

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The episode kicks off with an away mission to a nebula that leads to an emergency beam out that goes a little bit wrong. This time the Doctor was on board, so was Seven. Due to the problems with the beam out, the Doctor's mobile emitter is contaminated with Seven's Borg nano-probes and starts to malfunction. The next morning we find that the Borh nano-probes have merged with the 29th century technology of the mobile emitter (see season 3x08,09 Future's End) to create a embryonic 29th century Borg! This is clearly a danger to the ship, especially if the new Borg decided to join the Collective at some point. Captain Janeway has a different plan.. she instructs Seven to teach the new Borg about the ways of humanity, much like she taught Seven in the hope that he will not want to join the Collective. Having an advanced drone on their side would be a huge benefit, if all goes well, that is.

ST-VOY Drone