Episode Information
Season 1
Episode Number 7
Title Eye of the Needle
Abhijeet's Rating

(out of 5)

* * * *

One of the better episodes of the first season. It documents the first attempts of the crew to contact home, using a wormhole. The use of a wormhole as a way to transport people and ships over long distances has already been explored in DS9, so it makes sense to use the same idea here.

It is the human need of every member of the crew to find some way to contact their family and friends, but the writers obviously want to keep the crew isolated and alone in the Delta Quadrant as long as possible into the show. This episode is almost like a battle between the what the crew would naturally want and the demands of the show to keep them isolated. The story is superbly written and the slight twist at the end makes it a very satisfying episode.

ST-VOY Eye of the Needle