Episode Information
Season 1
Episode Number 16
Title Learning Curve
Abhijeet's Rating

(out of 5)

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The Maquis crew of the Voyager are still not fully integrated into the Federation governed functioning of the ship. Tuvok is charged with training (or re-training) some of the crew who have the most trouble. meanwhile, Voyager is facing a crisis as well. There is a bio-gel that powers many of their systems, which has literally become "infected", threatening the very existence of the ship and it's crew.

The episode is memorable mainly for Tuvok and his attempts with the Maquis crew members. Also, any episode with a life-threatening crisis tends to catch my attention as well. The issues with the Maquis have been a running theme throughout the season but this is the first episode to address the issue in it's main plot.

ST-VOY Learning Curve