Episode Information
Season 2
Episode Number 11
Title Maneuvers
Abhijeet's Rating

(out of 5)

* * * * *

A fantastic episode involving an old adversary, Seska. She was one of the original Maquis crew, was exposed as a Cardassian spy and then betrayed the Voyager (and her former lover and captain, Chakotay). She is now back to do more damage and steal some Federation technology for her new allies, the Kazon. Chakotay takes it rather personally and decides to go on a secret one-man mission in defiance of Captain Janeway's orders. He succeeds but gets captured in the process. Of course, there is no way Voyager is going is going to leave their first officer behind.

While this episode doesn't tackle any deep issues, it's powered by personal conflicts and strong emotions. We have anger, betrayal and deception. We also get some action, intrigue and a game of cat and mouse and the two warring parties try to outwit each other.

ST-VOY Maneuvers