Episode Information
Season 3
Episode Number 7
Title Sacred Ground
Abhijeet's Rating

(out of 5)


The nadir of the third season and also symptomatic of the descent into mediocrity that ailed Voyager since the beginning of the second season. The third season was generally pretty dismal with the occasional good episode. The plot is some half baked garbage about the eternal conflict between faith and science with Captain Janeway, the woman of science having to accept that some things don't have a scientific explanation.

If only the writers had not shortchanged her character by forcing her to betray (through blackmail, no less) up her deep rooted belief in the ability of science to solve any problem thrown at it. If only the resolution of her conflicts wasn't some ridiculous voyage of self-discovery concluded by a few minutes of psycho-babble. If only this episode had never been produced in the first place, we would all be better off.

ST-VOY Sacred Ground