Episode Information
Season 1
Episode Number 1,2
Title The Caretaker
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Voyager kicked off with an excellent pilot episode setting up it's over-arching story line and establishing most of the characters and their backgrounds. There wasn't a series quite like Voyager before in the Star Trek canon and there hasn't been one since.

Voyager is lured to the Delta quadrant of the galaxy by 'The Caretaker', an ancient being that has been taking care of the Ocampa people after accidentally destroying their planet's atmosphere many centuries ago. Now, the Caretaker is dying and needs someone as a replacement. In it's search it is randomly bringing people to the Delta quadrant of the galaxy and Voyager is one of the candidates. Unfortunately for the Voyager (and the Maquis ship that comes along with it), they are unable to get back to the Alpha Quadrant due to how circumstances unfold. Now they are 75 years away from home, a long way from the Federation and with no friends.

ST-VOY Caretaker