Episode Information
Season 2
Episode Number 15
Title Threshold
Abhijeet's Rating

(out of 5)


This is such a bad episode, on so many levels. Tom Paris pilots an experimental shuttle to Warp 10 or "Infinite Speed" where the traveller is everywhere at once. They actually ripped off the Dune books by Frank Herbert for this idea. Moving on.

Tom Paris survives the flight, but then some time later he starts mutating into some sort of Lizard! The episode goes very rapidly downhill from here into the realms of pulp fiction, and not the good kind either. Apparently, this lizard thing is the "natural" evolution of the human race, and Paris has just evolved instantly due to the Warp 10 flight. Avoid this episode at all costs.

Chakotay: I don't know how I'm going to enter this into the log.

Tuvok: I look forward to reading it.

ST-VOY Threshold